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Hi!  I’m Cindy, a married mother of three living and working here in Waterloo for almost 24 years. I am an Office Associate at an insurance agency locally which also happens to be my husband’s business. I’ve worked in the industry almost 30 years and building our business together is something I’m proud to have been part of.  

I began volunteering with the Eastbridge Neighbourhood Association (ENA) delivering newsletters which morphed into joining the Board in 2001, to “do what I could” and resulted chairing the ENA team for over a decade. This allowed me countless opportunities to learn and give along the way. Volunteering has shaped my life in the most unexpected and wonderful ways; meeting amazing people, developing friendships, learning more than I imagined, and seeing the impact of making things happen.


In my spare time, I enjoy being with family and friends. I work towards my best self through strength training at a local fitness facility. This has allowed me the opportunity to see what I can accomplish, and encourage my fellow teammates to do the same. Music has also brought me together with liked-minded friends across the globe at live concerts and the words and songs of Bruce Springsteen have changed my life.


Every family has unique experiences, whether that be health-wise, financial, family issues, whatever your situation may be. I can certainly say that ours has moulded who I am today. We all have things to deal with in one way or another, right? It’s what makes us human, it makes us stronger, more empathetic, more understanding. Not one of us knows exactly what another may be going through at any time, nor do we know what the next day could bring. 


I’m genuine. I care. I don’t have all the answers but also know that I will work beside the people in my community to find them. 


"I simply want to help Waterloo Region and its residents progress further. This is especially important in the post-pandemic world as we need to learn from the past few years and put plans in place for the future."

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